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The Original Clips from SWEDEN

Faster Fasteners with worldwide coverage

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We are a business working through a global network of distributors and wholesale/retail resellers.  Our ambition is that you shall be able find our goods locally trough local distribution. It is however unevitable that all distributors will not cover all our products at all times. Thus this webshop to ensure the best possible worldwide coverage. We naturally also welcome all enquiries, including those from successful sales and distribution companies wishing to join our network of partners.

We are more than a manufacturer or supplier - we are a willing partner offering practical marketing support services to help users of our products and our distributors grow and prosper.  Please see holdon.com or use our Contact form and send us your enquiry!

Holdon® is a registered trademark of Holdon® Systems. 

In USA, Canada and Mexico we trade under brand Easyklip® via our partner in USA - see www.easyklip.com 




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